What is the Managed Systems service?

Managed Systems covers all computer devices owned by an organization. We count the following devices as systems:
  • Windows, MacOS, and Linux Laptops
  • Windows, MacOS, and Linux Desktops
  • Windows and Linux Tablets (excluding Android tablets)
  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • Microsoft Surface devices running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
The Managed Systems service includes management options* via a lightweight agent that is installed on the computing device. This agent reports the status of the machine including health checks about the system, hardware, hardware details, installed software, event logs, allows the installation of Windows Updates and Third-Party software updates, custom software deployment, the running of automated management scripts, and interaction between our support technicians and your end users.

Features included with this service are:
  • Daily system health checks
  • Automatic routine maintenance tasks (customizable to your organization's requirements)
  • Automatic patch management for Windows and third-party software
  • Software Inventory
  • Antivirus Scan History (requires Managed Security service)
  • Device support
  • Continuous system performance checks

Privacy is of the upmost concern to us and our customers. We cannot view or access any data stored on your systems without the explicit permission from the customer. We cannot access any end-user device unless the end user has granted us permission to view their screen and interact with their system, allowing them to exit or close out of any sensitive information. Unattended access is granted on server systems unless it is a customer requirement that an authorized person at the organization permits us access from the server console. All session data is logged and we comply with all applicable regulations.

*Option availability is based on the operating system the client is installed on.

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